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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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freezing rain and that reduced the amount of ving this morn a st some our mch very cold weather. we have an impressive itinerary, "action news" reporter joh rawlins is i phoenixvil sara bloomquist in haddonfield. and christie aleto live in atlantic city and bob brooks is digging out in allentown. but first full story and all the facts and figures from cecily tynan at the big board. >> the nor'easter that brought us a messy combination of ice, rain and snow is off the coast of connecticut we are getting a few wrap around snow showers but nothing substantial. as far asnowfall a tion. the poconos no mixing in with
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the sleet, they got two feet of snow allentown a brief mixing and farther to the south the sleet is consulting down on ant depford new jersey, 4 inches of snow. the bigger problem is this, the ice. and carol postd this on the facebook page from winona, new jersey, showing the daffodils that bloomed last week and the ice coating them and the coating the blooms will protect them overnight as the temperatures drop down to the teens and 20s. at the shore you didn't get the snow buteavy rain and high winds. these wind gusts tropical storm force wins, a buoy off delaware 64 miles per hour. and tuckerton 62 and fortescue 61 and atlantic city 47 miles per hour. caused the coastal flooding and caused significant beach erosion. tonight we could have an isolated snow shower or two. not accumulating, the winds will
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continue very gusty you do want to clean your cars, injure driveways and sidewalks, treat them because there will be a hard freeze overnight and temperatures stay brutally cold tomorrow with all the details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily. >> the city of philadelphia lifted the snow emergency at 1:00 afternoon continues to plow roads and secondary roads are still treacherous that is evident in roxborough. they are busy clearing the sidewalks and the road is still as you can see covered with a lot of snow. other than the deep poconos the lehigh valley got hit the hardest. bob brooks live in allentown. what is the story there? >> reporter: we are digging out in allentown for sure. we got hit hard to the side of me here. that is 7th street in allentown it's pretty much clear but off
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to the side that is what you see on almost all the side streets and people are asked to have patience so crews can get there. it's time to shovel out. it became a community efforts in allentown and neighbors came down 7th street one by one and each car was dug out. jessi jessica tatum was of the first and hope it's the last. >> hope it's the end of winter. >> 7th street is clear and the side streets not so much. allentown police are asking patience until the plow trucks can get there and other neighbors the same. it's going pretty good, not too bad underneath it a bit and hopefully it warms up, and this is it for the year. plow truck drivers were everywhere.
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some of the few people that are enjoying this. >> very happy. >> are you hoping for more snow i bet. >> yes, maybe sunday. >> the roads are simply not safe. >> unless you have four-wheel-drive or a plow you got no business being out here. >> christie drives this 18 wheeler and got stuck on the hill. >> have a full load that i can't empty. i came to the hotel and i'm stuck. >> stuck here on the road. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: we hope that rc made it out right there. so many people around allentown shoveling out their cars and we got news allentown schools and offices will be closed tomorrow. on wednesday. reporting live in allentown, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. at the jersey shore the threat was not snow and the storm rolled in this morning during high tide. that caused flooding at 16th street and new york avenue in north wildwood. "action news" reporter, christie
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aleto is reporting live. what is the situation there? >> reporter: well the temperature has dropped and the wind picked up like most streets in atlantic city this portion of west end avenue was submerged under water and you see the den rewashed up on the road and sidewalk. >> it was pretty bad. i was trying to go into the city, and it was a lot of water and you couldn't really drive through it. >> under constant hammering of rain and wind, mother nature seemed to safe south jersey from the monster snow storm. it came up as high tide was hitting us this morning. emergency crews blocked flooded streets in black horse pike. while swelling waves in north wildwood wash add way the dune as long the shore line. atlantic city fire department made a handful of water rescues
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as the driver tried to test the rising waters. >> i like the snow. >> over the rain? >> yes, absolutely. >> not sure this is worse the snow or rain but the wind again is the issue tonight it has picked up with the potential to leave a lot of people off the grid this evening. atlantic city electric is reporting 8,000 customers without power and the bulk those customers are west of this area. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you christie. up the coast in ortely beach s. ocean county, the angry ocean hit the beach. the dunes were severely damaged during the storm in january and today's high wind and waves made matters worse. what is left of the dunes held up during high tide keeping it's ocean from flooding the streets there. there is substantial numbers of people without power. delmarva has almost 25,000 and peco is down to 958 people
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without electricity. that is pretty good news there. atlantic city electric has 8700 outages now and pseg is working to restore power to 6300 customers and sara bloomquist is surveying the power problems in pseg territory and is live on north haddon avenue in haddonfield. >> reporter: just now governor chris christie at 6:00 p.m. lifted the state of emergency, thousands are still without power and this is why, look at this bush next to me encased in ice, this is the way everything around me looks, the trees and wires and when the wind blows they are coming down. >> at hession avenue in national park, new jersey, a large tree came down on this house with the family at home inside. >> it was 8:30 in the morning we heard a gigantic boom and the
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house shook and ran and found the tree on top of the house. >> snow removal meant working up a sweat. >> really heavy, you seem like you push it and go back to the spot where it came from. that is what we are battling all day. >> a tall pine tree fell on two cars and cherry hill, the wires came down on maple avenue. a tree fell into the street taking down wires a common sight as ice encased everything. it was this morning everything started to go bad, wet snow and then rain and then the rain turned to ice and everything started to topple down like a domino affect. the kids at cemetery hill says that the icy snow is perfect for what they call snow bellying. >> when you just go sledding on your belly. >> doesn't that hurt? >> not at all. not without the sled. >> it looks like it would have
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hurt for me. as for the power lines, as always steer clear if you see them down and call your utility company if the power does go out. live in haddonfield, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in delaware the icy conditions caused problems for a del/dot plow truck, the accident happened at route 72 in newark at 10:20 this morning. they say that the truck moved over for an ambulance and wound up sliding off the roadway. and a slippery problem in west conshohocken. a tractor trailer lost trailer on the ramp leading from i-76 eastbound to the southbound blue route and then other drivers behind it had trouble getting traction on the slick road service and eventually the pavement was clearing in front of the truck and it drove away. what about the airport? flights are resuming at philadelphia international airport tonight. there are several scheduled to depart and arrive this evening.
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the airport resembled a ghost town during the day and ar of flights were canceled ahead of the storm and then all the flights today. and amtrak a modified schedule from washington to new york and all service suspended from new york to boston. join the "action news" morning team starting early at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. they will be tracking the road conditions, the latest accuweather forecast as people head back to school and back to work. coming up on "action news" tonight. the weight of today's snowfall and ice causes problems for resides in west phjeff skverskyo with the villanova basketball team. >> reporter: hey jim villanova coach, jay wright calls one of hi star players nuts today we'll show you why coming up in sports from buffalo. it's 90 degrees and sunny here how is it back at home. >> it's 19 degrees in buffalo
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right now, but here it's almost as cold. the windchill is 20 and tomorrow morning it will feel better. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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mobile 6 is out on the roads tonight surveying travel conditions, this is lives mobile 6 starts the climb on shers manayunk. where are youguys? is there a sto i guess you should. always responsible behind the wheel.
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shers lane is prett good right now. but some of the smaller side streets look very much like the sidewalks do. in the part of the roadway that is crowd in those cars, if you live in manayunk, if you live in roxborough, be careful that will turn to ice. andighters responded to a porchsh in west philadelphia at arch street and people were unable to get out their front doors because of the debris. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> for the snow story in phoenixville and royersford, we turn to "action news" reporter john rawlins. >> kind of nasty, more ice than anything. i was hoping for more snow. >> it started off nice fresh powder and out of know where it started doing the hail mix and
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now a solid street of ice. >> after the initial snow the suburbs were pelted with sleet for hours. >> little shards of glass hitting you. despite the best efforts icy mix building up on some streets. i'm sliding around and getting stuck. on 422, the driver of a silver car because of a good samaritan able to pull him out, and drivers including the philadelphia premium outlets closed for the day. the only folks we found that appreciated the icy conditions is the spring forge students not worried about the lack of traction. >> the cleanup is underway with spring just days if now. and the hope that this is the last we hear a forecast concerning significant snow and ice for a long time. in phoenixville, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news."
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villanova wildcats are prancing around the tundra in buffalo. >> looking for food and dodging snowflakes. >> hibernating. they may have left town but th. the cats are in waiting the ncaa first round opponent and that is where we find jeff skversky. star, josh hart, is hoping he does not hvel and dig the team bus out of the snow. hole in the hoping to dig round game. this team is red hot now is not the time to go ice cold. >> it's freezing. it's freezing. >> a beautiful day in buffalo. >> yeah right. it's 21 degrees and snowing in buffalo but that is not stoppin villanova guard jaylin brunson from wearing shorts outside.
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>> they just walked outside in shorts. >> oh yeah. >> i'm concerned. like a parent -- they are nuts. that doesn't make me happy. >> nova coach, jay wright has bigger things to worry about in the big dance they were forced to hit the road a day early to beat the snow don't know who they are playing. they have to watch new orleans and mount st. marys, talk about march madness. >> some places the weather is nice and we happened to ce a snow storm. there are a lot of things trying to distract us from us being successful we have to go out and clear our minds. in their mind villanova believes they are capable of calling themselves back to back champs but though can't let their focus slip. >> we are good enough to get off t of first round. nobody has proven that more than us.
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xactly right. villanova has not had a lot of luck in buffalo, forecasting the game is simple. a number one seed has never lost to a number 16 seed. live in buffalo, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thankfully big games are played indoors. >> the sixers west coast trip ends at golden state and kevin durant is out with a knee injury. braves and fillies for spring training play. and it's hard to keep brock off the major league roster he goes deep again his fifth of the string, staffy is batting .419, the phillies win 9-0. the flyers are fading fast. they lost to the blue jackets last night. they lost four of the last five games, they are five point out
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with 15 games to. them. >y tynan has t
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so the weather outside the convention center is a contrast to inside.scaping the snow with a trip to the philadelphia flower show. this year's theme is holland flowerling the world and inside is thousands of tulips. it wraps up sunday. lets take a look back on the last 24 hours and look ahead
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with cecily tynan. >> we need a taste of spring after today's messy storm. the accumulating snow the sleet and the rain has left the region how we have a few lingering flurries, not amounting to much but this batch has been rolling through honey brook and pottstown and continues to push to the east. some flurries and the main focus is tonight with tumbling temperatures. as far as the snow, the poconos and ski resorts this is the most for them. mt. pocono 24 and nazareth 12.5, and 9 inches in bucks county. this is the snow and this is the ice. we had a lot of freezing rain out there. generally about .10 to a third inch of ice accumulation, ronald
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posted this it did cause power outages. >> at the shore it was not the snow or ice, it was the heavy wind and ocean flooding. kay postd this from ocean city new jersey and we had moderate coastal flooding during the time of high tide. what happened this w this storm? when the transfer of energy was cleat it happened slightly west than anticipated and the track shifted 20 miles inland and not a big shift. however, just enough to pull in the warm air off the atlantic. the ocean temperature is in the low 40s and that means the mixing line i was talking about on "action news" pushed forth northwest and cut down the snow accumulations in about half and we were not alone, from d.c. to new york city it really cut down the snow amounts, you get is the sleet, it's the same amount of moisture we had 1.5 inches of moisture, that would be 15 inches of snow if it were all snow but we have the sleet and freezing rain than causes problems on the roads. right now the windchill 20 in
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philadelphia and 14 in raiding and 22 in trentonls like 2 in the poconos. and action radar showing the storm system moving quickly off the coast of new england and behind that system we get the wrap around winds, tonight is utally cold. 21 in philadelphia and 18 in allentown0 wilmington? >> there are icy spots and factor in the winds, tomorrow morning in the single digits and stays windy all day long and mostly cloudy and perhaps a few miles per hours and windchills in the mid teens, so definitely dress for winter tomorrow. it's a while before temperatures climb up to normal. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy and a snow shower or two. 29 degrees and windchills in the teens, thursday it's sunny and still chilly, 37 degrees and friday st. patrick's day partly sunny and 38 and temperatures climb back into the 40s,
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unsettled on saturday and 46 and could have a few showers saturday night and sunday brisk and chilly 44 and monspring arrives with sunshine and still cool 46 degrees and tuesday the first full day of spring, clouds with a possibility of showers but finally temperatures back to more seasonal levels. it will take a full week for temperatures to get back to sh >> abc world nith dave muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. fios in the house!
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tonight, the nor'easter strikes. the storm still slamming parts of the coast. up to two feet of snow in some places. chain-reaction crashes. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and tonight, tens of thousands are without power. now schools closed in some places again tomorrow. also developing tonight, the white house defends the plan to replace obamacare. and is asked, why the pushback on calling it trumpcare? tonight, the map re. what some pay now, and what you would pay under the replacement. the eye-opinexample. as the nude photo scandal widens, the top marine in the hot seat tonight. the very candid answer, and you will see the the moment. and out of control authorities investigating an suv slams into a gas


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